For Men

It is sometimes difficult for a man to ask for help—especially when it comes to talking about his emotions and feelings.

Maybe stress on the job or elsewhere has led to difficulties. Maybe you struggle with intimacy issues, feeling both crowded and lonely and either way out of sorts. Maybe as a man, others react judgmentally to what they see as your irritability, boxing you into this stereotype of the angry man, while overlooking your underlying depression. Conversely, maybe you’ve been so careful to avoid being seen as a stereotypical man that you’re overly nice and extra sensitive, giving much to others while never finding much satisfaction since you’ve never asked for what you really want. Maybe it is an issue such as infidelity, impotency or addiction to anything from alcohol to porn to sports about which you really need to talk but don’t have anyone who will hear you out non-judgmentally.

I specialize in these and other men’s issues and have a variety of techniques and approaches that can help you fully open up in a truly safe space of mutual exploration and transformation.