To enter the door of psychotherapy is to enter into a unique space of personal trust and transformation.

What brings you through this door is often a personal crisis.  At these times, there is concrete work we can do helping you become:

  • inwardly more connected to your core values and desires
  • outwardly better able to communicate your needs
  • more satisfied in your relationships and life

Sometimes something else brings a person through this door.  Rather than any specific crisis, you might be struggling with something harder to pinpoint. This can be more distressing since it is nondescript and yet pervasive. There is a variety of ways we can work together to clarify what is bothering you and what you can do about this.

In the spirit of mutual discovery, my approach is flexible and interactive, cultivating a safe and private space for you to fully speak your truth, whatever it might be, so that you can reorient your life accordingly.